Members, guests and visitors must be smartly dressed at all times, whether on the course or in the Clubhouse.

a) These dress rules are for the guidance of Members and Visitors and are intended to reflect the standards considered acceptable at modern-day Golf Clubs.
b) Members are expected to take personal responsibility for observing standards of dress and behaviour that reflect well on themselves and the Club.
c) Visitors, Visiting Societies, Visiting Teams and those participating in Open Competitions are required to comply with these dress rules. It is up to Members and Club Officials to ensure individual guests or visitors are advised of the standards required.
d) Golfers should endeavour to change their clothing and footwear in the locker rooms.
e) The Course includes the practice areas and the practice putting green.
On The Course
a) Golfers must wear clean, smart golf clothing and golf shoes at all times. Collarless “Henley style” golf tee shirts are permitted. If pressed, we would say anything that is normally stocked in a UK Pro Shop can be worn.
b) We make a polite request, and that is all, for male golfers to wear their shirts tucked in at the waist. Lady golfers may wear golf tops designed to be worn untucked, including sleeveless golf wear.
c) Trousers should not have cargo style pockets.
d) Tailored shorts, worn above the knee and without cargo style pockets or ties, are permitted and should be worn with ankle or trainer style socks.
e) Emblazoned or replica football / rugby shirts, vests, gym wear, beach wear, track or shell suits and blue denim clothing are not permitted on the Course.
In The Clubhouse
a) The standard of dress throughout the Clubhouse is smart, casual clothing. Clean, dry golf wear (anything normally stocked in a UK Pro Shop) may be worn.
b) Clean, fitted collarless T-Shirts with discreet branding are allowed.
c) Smart shorts and denim jeans are permitted in all areas unless a designated dress code for a formal function is in place. We make a request, and that is all, for members to refrain from the wearing of ripped denim jeans.
d) Clean, dry Dimpled Golf Shoes and Trainers are permitted.
e) The following are not permitted at any time
i) Waterproof trousers and clothing that is wet, soiled or muddy,
ii) emblazoned, sleeveless or replica team shirts not designed specifically for the purpose of golf (e.g. football / rugby shirts),
iii) track or shell suits,
iv) golf caps or other headwear unless worn for religious or cultural purposes.
Dress rules may be relaxed at the discretion of the Club Captain or, in his absence, a member of the Executive Management Committee or the Team Captain of the day. An authorised event organiser may request relaxation of the Clubhouse Code for their event and we will make every effort to accommodate any reasonable request.
Mobile Phones
Mobile phones may be taken on to the Course but should be switched to silent and used only in the event of an emergency.
In the Clubhouse, all functions of mobile phones and tablets may be used discreetly.
Members, guests and visitors are requested to show consideration for others when operating their devices and to observe appropriate standards for the use of WiFi and Internet in a public place.

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Following the latest government guidelines, the course will remain closed till the next review date
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