16 Feb

Course update - the last 2 weeks has seen the removal of 6 large trees on the course (3 at the 3rd and 3 at the 9th), this is the last of the major tree work for this winter, with only scrub removal left to be done.
The reasons behind the removal of these tree was site specific, the 3 pine trees at the 3rd were removed to allow more light onto the green and increase airflow.
The poplars at the 9th hole, these are not a very desirable tree to have on any golf course, they have a shallow, but very extensive root system, which will find its way into drainage system, reducing its efficiency.

8 Feb

Temporary greens - while it is unfavourable. It may be necessary to have some winter greens in play for the weekend. Some of the greens still have frost in them, but at a depth between 1 and 3 inches, this is preventing surface water from draining away, leaving the surface soft and very wet. A further inspection will be carried out tomorrow morning, when this situation will be further assessed.

1 Feb

Friday 1st February, unfortunately the course is closed

31 Janu

Baskets and mattresses installed........ at last ??

31 Jan

It’s a bit cold down the 7th morning ??
Work is progressing well installing the gabion mattress on the bank side. The next stage will involve installing a concrete ramp, which will be delayed until temperatures improve.

15 Jan

The work on the oak tree has now been completed. This has helped open up the view from the 7th tee.
Work on phase 2 of the bank side and stream repair has started today, which involves preparing the bank-sides ready for the gabion baskets, which will start being installed tomorrow.
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