7 October


Conditions still not improving, unfortunately the course remains closed today, 30mm in the pot and it’s still raining, we’ve now had an accumulation of 175mm (6.89inches), in the last 15 days!

25 September

Work has started today on bare and worn areas around greens, these have been spiked, seeded and dressed. These areas will not be marked GUR, but should treated as such. It would also be beneficial if golfers avoided taking trolleys or buggies across them.
Thank you for your cooperation.

18 September


Taking advantage of the dry conditions, work has started on refining the rough, the cutting and collecting of these areas with our flail mower, will encourage the finer grasses to dominate, (though this process does take a number of years), making the rough a little more golfer friendly.

18 September

Greens Update

A productive 2 days, all greens have been tined, seeded, top dressed and the sand brushed in. 2 greens plus the putting green are having a top up dressing today, all the greens are back in play though.
Now all we need is some rain to help wash it all in, looks like we’ll have to wait till next week for that!

12 September

Annual Greens Maintenance

As published in the fixture list, next Monday is the start of the autumn greens maintenance week. A bit of a change in the program of work this time. Having had a close inspection of the soil profile, we will not be hollow coring, instead the greens will be solid tined, over seeded with our new seeder units then top dressed, this process will be a lot less disruptive and use less top dressing sand. To help our work progress unhindered, pins will be moved to a temporary position until all work has been carried out. It is expected to take 2 days maximum as long as the weather is kind to us.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation while this essential maintenance work is carried out.

29 Aug

Greens update

The greens have been sprayed with another fertiliser application, this will help recovery from the anthracnose that affecting some of the greens. This disease is a symptom of the wet conditions we’ve experienced this summer and mainly effects annual meadow grass.

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