England Golf WHS Privacy Notice
WHS EG Privacy Notice Requirement
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BAGC is required by law to make you aware of the preparations being made by England Golf for the launch of the World Handicapping System (WHS) on 2nd November 2020, as they move to a higher integrity level of handicapping for and on behalf of its affiliated members.
An initial transfer of information is required to ensure accurate player identification and to eliminate the duplication of handicap records.
Without supplying an email address and DOB it will not be possible for EG to issue a Handicap Index.
In order to maintain the integrity of the handicapping system for the benefit of all members, not only now but also in the future. EG need to be able to say with confidence that an individual member of a golf club is either the same person or different to someone with the same name who was previously a member at another golf club.
Junior members without an email address of their own may use an email address of a parent or guardian. SafeGolf procedures as well as GDPR regulations remain of paramount importance in such cases.
Ongoing communications with affiliated members will be for handicap purposes and will be fully compliant with GDPR regulations.
Thank you for your ongoing support in order to allow for a smooth transition to the World Handicapping System.

Course Status
Currently closed
05.01.2021 07:06
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Following the latest government guidelines, the course will remain closed till the next review date
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