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Get Into Golf at Bishop Auckland - We welcome beginners

Why Get into Golf? It's exercise while socialising. Catch up with friends, and have a bit of friendly competition.

* Who is it for? It's a game for all ages and abilities. Plus its unique handicapping system allows people of different abilities to play and compete together.

* Is there a cheap option? Taster sessions and beginner courses are not as expensive as you might think, and there are driving ranges available across the country.

* Do I need my own equipment? The majority of beginner courses will provide equipment, and clubs are available to rent at most golf courses.

* Can I take it to another level? You can play competitive golf at club, county and national level and turn professional.

* Is there a disability option? PGA pros are trained with the skills to coach a range of disabilities.

* Is there a family option? Golf is a sport for the whole family as you can learn to play and compete together.
2021 will see the re-introduction of "Get into Golf" and planned activities will be published on websites and social media.

Bishop Auckland Golf Club will be offering sessions and details will be available via our our Professional Michael Pilgrim. To book please ring: Michael Pilgrim, PGA Pro 01388 616618 ext. 3