Greenkeeper Updates

18th October 2021 - Winter Tees

Notice - the 1st tee as well as all the par 3 tees are now playing from winter tee mats, this will allow us to hollow core these tees, over seeding and dressing. After this work is completed these tees will be fertilised to ensure a quick recovery.

25th October 2021 - Preferred Lies

Please be aware that preferred lies are now in use

2nd November 2021 - Winter Projects

Notice - this week will be starting our main winter work projects. At times it will be necessary to close the 10th hole, (13a will be in use), while we work on the bunkers.
Thank you for your cooperation while this work is being carried out.

Winter Mats

Please note winter mats will be in use with effect from Friday 26th November 2021.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.